the n word.

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I am an African American, I have been living in this country my entire life, it is the place I call home, and the place I call my land. As much as I would love to feel complete supportive and connected with this country, there are things that arise put a strain on my dedication, on my patriotism, you might say. My generation, has become extremely jaded, with the reign of Bush, the fear of terror, and the saving graces of Obama it seems we have forgotten the fact that we are the best of the next. This world is ours and the way we live in it and communicate through it is the most important part of it all.
This melting pot of a nation where not everyone speaks the same language, yet all of us understand why we are here. Everything is foreign, from our clothing to our “native” tongue, rooted from Latin mixed with the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants and slaves. With all the education thrown around, the internet lingo, cell phone slang, all the art and humanity and beauty behind the power of communication, the one question lingers, why even say it?
The way I see it is, we live in a time of great and many resources. The First Amendment gave us the freedom of speech, the freedom to say how we feel, using any context we so choose. We have the opportunities to stretch our minds and personalities beyond those of the eras before. Why use slave language to express the freedom we fought so hard to obtain. The fact that one word, with two syllables, has sparked such a great debate and uproar in the streets of history, I find baffling. It’s hard for me, an African American, living in the country my entire life, calling this place home, educated and guided by the trials and tribulations of the past, to find it at all reasonable or rational to restrict spoken language. Something that is more native to this Earth than I. Who are we to say that some persons are not allowed to use verbal communication to express themselves. Whether the idioms they choose make them look like an idiot, that’s up to them. I personally see myself as a pioneer of spoken words; I am one who is moving forward, because that’s the way things are going. I am investing myself in inventing new ways to call my best friend “brother” or to degrade someone less intelligent.
Technology is changing lifestyles every day. It’s bringing things in and pushing things out. Teaching us that the things we once knew aren’t the same today. We can learn a lot from this, the fact that we have to move forward, bring things in and push them out, changed. It cannot be out responsibility to make others appreciate the sovereignty this country provides. Regardless of race, gender or creed we as tenants of this Earth cannot invest anymore time in fighting for an old language, fighting to keep living in the past.


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