america, fuck yeah.

so today i was feel a tad lackluster.
and i wasnt going to write anything in this overly advanced Casio Diary.
that is until i saw this:

i mean, he's just putting it out there.
good job matty.

and then i happened to find out that MIA is putting out a clothing line....

yes. her music is fresh.
and yes she is the hott shit and so on and so forth.
whats with the watermelon Mia?
and does AA already make those leggings?
and how do you think poor little south african blipsters are gonna afford a 75 dollar tee?
selling blood diamonds?

last but not least,
it is september 11th and the only thing im gonna say is:

What's Al Qaida's favorite football team?
The New York Jets

Did you hear about American Airlines new deal?
They’ll fly you straight from the airport to the office.

Me: knock knock.

U: who's there?

Me: 9/11

U: 9/11 who?

Me: you said you'd never forget....

i know.. i know... but msnbc told me to do it.

oh yeah.
and my friends cousin Tatiania Moore is in the October Issue of HUSTLER mag.
shes pretty hot for an azn.
check it out.
if you can find it.
apparently the fact that is has full on vag penetration and cumshots means it can be sold at Barnes & Nobles, Borders,Books a Million, 7 eleven....
we searched all day yesterday
and finally found it at our local Arab run convenience store.
god bless em.