heavens to ESTY.

i am usually not one to spend my days lurking the net for fashions i cant afford.
but today.
oh today.
i have found heaven in a mouse click.


miss bruno you slay me.
i would wear this until it turns into part of my skin.
and for $268 bucks. it better.

and these...

$100 dollar sweater bangles.
that are not made of cashmere. and do not turn into real sweaters when soaked in water.
so besides the fact that they are amazingly adorable and are not made in Indonesia by 8 year old kids, i cant find a reason dole out the dough to own them.


and then, just when i had given up on over priced apparel.
she found me....

this lil lady has combined all my lesbian and Hayden Ashbury fantasies in one.
but no true the heart hippie would pay $120 to look this tie die.
peace nicfish.

my heart has also fallen pray to small trinkets that i can wear in my hair and on my neck.
things that make me look like i just stepped out of Hogwarts Academy into the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. Like these fuckers...

god damnit!
why are clothes so expensive??
why do i need to so much for cotton and elastic and thread ?
why dont i get off my lazy ass, walk to my sewing machine and make everything i want?
i now realize.
after all this time of discussing my options in my head.
that i have to have these things or i will spontaneously combust.
i am going to whore my body, sell my soul, cast spells, kick, scream, cry, pray,rob, steal, fight, fuck or flea
until i have them all.


Brie said...

Etsy does that to me too, dude. :) Like. So much.


in vino veritas said...

i am a lurker on the etsy. consumes a good portion of my work day.


Anonymous said...


.lp. said...

true art doesnt spell check.

P Bourdeaux said...

Don't flatter yourself

.lp. said...

i see you.
hi haters.

keep all that negative energy in your agro blogs.
tsk tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

it's not at all issue of being a "hater" or "aggro". misspelling and bad grammar are not in any way art.

you should consider being open to constructive criticism, as an "artist".

.lp. said...

blah blah blah blog about it.