and then some.

i remember when we first hung out.
i walked from my apartment.
and almost turned around twice.
you lived farther than i thought.
you waited for me
with your roommate on your porch.
black hoodie.
camo hat.
i remember you hugged me
and it felt like we were kissing.
oh yeah.
remember how.
you smoked weed to impress me.
and i didnt to impress you.
you were sweet and funny.
i was pretty and slutty.
we watched the hills have eyes.
and you smiled the whole time.
you were stoned.
and i pretended to be scared.
and you laughed and we talked about rap.
your dogs.
your room.
you kissed me first
and i was surprised.
you tasted like cheetos.
before we knew it.
its was 2 am.
i tried to go home.
and you said stay the night.
you promised you wouldnt try to do me.
and you didnt.
and your right.
its true.
i was in love with you after day one.
because you got it like that.
and as much as i try to fight it.
you still do.