It is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties, but it is quite another to be fried all day.

so this morning.
i get to work.
im at work.
and im just
you know
doin the things in my job description.
eating breakfast.
watering the plants.
checking my email profusely.
lallygagging on the internet.
making coffee.
well attempting to make coffee.
i got the water.
put the filter and the grounds in the basket.
placed it back on the coffee maker.
pressed the button.
and walked away.
time elapses.
my boss goes to get her coffee.
and for some reason there is none brewing.
we stand back, scratch our heads.
and curse Hamilton Beach
that is until we realize.
i haven't put the water in.
we laugh and say she says
"oh everyone has those mornings"
i laugh, she laughs, i make the damn coffee.

now things like this
don't happen to me often.
and by often i mean more than 5 times a week.
but when they do
i cant help but think
its all because i smoke weed.
although i dont smoke anywhere close to as much as i used to.

my relationship with mary jane is a true one.
she has been the closest person to me for years.
we used to do everything together.
wake up.
munch out.
we'd watch Cartoon Network
and LOST
and msnbc
and laugh about how angry
Keith Olbermann gets a republicans.
silly keith.
we'd play with the dogs .
and nap.
and go to bars.
and sleep in late.

me and mary were like two buds in a blunt.
although recently .
ive cut back to only taking rips on the weekends
instead of getting blasted
all day.
and i can admit that even though
food doesn't taste as good.
and keith isnt as funny.
my head does feel much cleaner.

so i guess
i cant directly relate all my fuck ups
and foibles to being roasted.
still it makes me wonder.
if this is my brain now
then what was so wrong with
my brain on drugs?


Brie said...

1.) i love that you quoted clueless.

2.) things like that happen to me ALL the time and i'm pretty square. if that's comforting to you at all? (maybe it should just be really embarrassing for me?) ;)


.lp. said...

clueless forever!
and dont feel bad brie! its hip to be square!

Anonymous said...

one thing I can tell you about smoking regularly is that you'll be a lot happier if you stop once and for all. your moods will balance out and you'll feel happier more of the time.