as of late.
i find ive been gritting my teeth.
sucking my toungue.
squinting my eyes.
my skin boils and i am furious with this.
i wish death upon many.
famine for a few.
i am overly zealous with bad intentions.
overwrat with evil thoughts.
haters want to hate.
and thats just what they'll do.
ive felt this way before.
i dont understand why i cant ever just be content.
why i have to have what they have.
or go where they are.
and half of things dont fit.
and the most of the places are closed.
and i dont really actually care.
i feel like i am obligated too.
these people who have nothing to live for.
no direction to go.
with stars in theirs and shit in their mouth.
riding in coattails until the fabric wears out.
these are the people i envy.
i am a human of nature.
and ive got instinits and ways.
and im sure ive got alot to say.
and as much as i want to muster, force out an okay.
i am jealousangryvengful and green.
and i can only send bad karma your way.


always to the left.

this is why i am a liberal.
i cant seem to find enough reasons not to be.
i look great in blue.
and cant love everyone.
i eat fish on friday.
i pay taxes.
i am real.
i am lost.
i am not a fucking asshole douche bag.
i dont think im allowed.
i dont believe that driving is a privilege.
i make choices.
bad ones too.
im not going to war.
i have nothing to lose.
i get upset when someone says i cant .
or they say dont.
i have a job.
i believe i can be free-er.
i dont hate george bush.
i rely on faith.
i am not afraid.
i learn by experience.
im not jaded.
i have no children.
i have a voice.
i dont believe everything i read.
i have a funny feeling we've got it all wrong.
one day i will die.
change is inevitable.
im a lover not a fighter.
i like controversy.
i am louder.
i am prouder.
and i am not afraid.
i could go on for days.

i <3 protesters.