always to the left.

this is why i am a liberal.
i cant seem to find enough reasons not to be.
i look great in blue.
and cant love everyone.
i eat fish on friday.
i pay taxes.
i am real.
i am lost.
i am not a fucking asshole douche bag.
i dont think im allowed.
i dont believe that driving is a privilege.
i make choices.
bad ones too.
im not going to war.
i have nothing to lose.
i get upset when someone says i cant .
or they say dont.
i have a job.
i believe i can be free-er.
i dont hate george bush.
i rely on faith.
i am not afraid.
i learn by experience.
im not jaded.
i have no children.
i have a voice.
i dont believe everything i read.
i have a funny feeling we've got it all wrong.
one day i will die.
change is inevitable.
im a lover not a fighter.
i like controversy.
i am louder.
i am prouder.
and i am not afraid.
i could go on for days.