the game chose me.

"You discover something early today that feels like a big find
-- so investigate further!
It's one of those days when you might just find
that the game has changed on you
in a really neat way!"

preach on sista girl.

i am a firm believer in.
horoscopes, astrology, mythology,
all things the occult.
and 8 times outta ten.
when the stars tell me something.
i take heed.
as crazy as my life is can will be.
the one thing that guides me is the stars.
as stupid as that sounds.
so when they tell me that
shits about to flip.
in a good way.
i can only smile.
so far today.
they have gotten it all right.
i have found the new favorite toy.
(see below)
to me it is a big find.
and quite neat too.
so far so good.

as far as last night goes.
not even the stars say this coming.
wednesday night
before not having sex.
once again.
we talked about why we werent having sex.

i say you treat me like a slut.
he says i wouldn't if i didn't act like such a prude.
i say your always at the gym.
he says im always on my phone.
i say you dont romance me.
he says you never needed it before.
i say its unattractive when you beg.
he says what happened to the girl who just wanted to get fucked.
i say she got fucked.

so last night
on the ride home from school
he played Jodeci.
we get home and there is dinner.
i shower.
we eat.
we lay and watch Ransom.
and we agree that
Sergent Martin Riggs would never let.
Lieutenant Dan kidnap is son.
and we laugh.
as we get ready for bed we brush.
our teeth at the same sink.
we spit at the same time.
we smile minty, bubbly grins.
we kiss.
turn off the lights.
but tonite.
he lays closer than normal.
his body warmer than usual.
he kisses me on my shoulder.
i love you too.

and then that boy.
who aint to proud to beg.
and this girl.
whos a slut in prudes clothing.
agree to disagree.
and make like nike.
and just do it.