a woman obsessed.

this is serious.
i have to
for the sake of my future.
stop spending money.
i have an addiction.
to the swipe and go.
i dont understand what my problem is.
he says all women have money issues.
and as far as this woman goes.
i think its true.
the way i rationalize it in my head.
is .
that i finally have the means.
so why not use them?
i am unnecessary.
ive got to get a grip on shit.
its so hard.
when you sit at a fucking desk all day.
and you have nothing to do.
but skim the worldwideweb for amazing things.
and yes, i could study.
or read a book.
or anything else.
but i dont.
i am a women obsessed.
everytime it comes up.
all i can think about is.
all the many things i need.
like a new mattress .
and a dresser.
and so many things i want.
like a new sewing machine.
and cute boots with matching sweater vest.
and a fucking goddamn holga.
and sooo many things i have to do.
like pay rent.
and pay bills.
and save money.
and be a responsible adult.
but my priorities are crooked as a politician.
and i cant quite seem to straighten them out.


Brie said...

also guilty.

TANGLER said...

Should look into a hobby.

.lp. said...

like fishing?

.lp. said...

dearest brie we are destined to be women addicted.

Brie said...

(to so many vices...)