i dont think your ready for this jelly.

after quite a bit of in depth thinking.
and years of personal experience.
ive finally come to terms with the fact that.
most humans.
struggle with physical acceptance.
most, if not all.
this to include as well.
the male species of course.
men worry about how ripped or not ripped.
how long their wang hangs.
hair teeth eyes butt
and yet.
in all my life.
the many men who have disrobed in front of my eyes.
they have never shown an inkling of self consciousness.
me on the other hand.
its was either.
shirt on.
lights off.
sheets up.
that is until.
in coming with age.
or pleasure.
or acceptance.
or just realizing the fact.
that im not fat.
i find myself unashamed to be.
nude on top of the sheets with all the lights on and windows open.
i am no longer afraid that whats underneath.
my thrift store attire.
would be seen as a swap meet reject.
never have i felt that i wasn't sexy enough to do it.
or fit enough to feel good.
my body's to bootylicious
and its gonna stay that way too.