in control

staying there.
finding a comfortable place to be lost in.
there are days where the lights are far too loud.
sounds too bright.
inside is the only way out.
if you lose its over.
nothings left but the thought of screaming shouting out.
reaching over someone.
persons turn to the pursuit.
and happiness is all that remains of.
what you choose to remember.
washing down what you force to forget.
fee d the nature.
nurture the beast.
there are things far worst than giving in to it.
there are things far worst that being a part of this.
there are things we suspect are suspect.
so we interject.
we fill it with doubt.
up and away.
let it go.
they look at you as if you are made of glass.
they touch you like your body is compose of sand.
looking through and drifting out.
salt on your tongue and under your feet.
you are solid .
you insides dry.
trying to control the high tide.