through with being cool.

ive finally realized that im slowly fading out of style.
its no longer trendy to be me.
i have lost all sense of cool.
what happened to the bar hopping.
club stomping.
get in your face.
make or break out.
fucking shit up.
get kicked out.
fuck you.
screw your mom.
gimmie a line.
pass the bong.
bahama mama drama queen.
ive traded my studded belts for muted colors.
my piercings for portfolios.
my sluttiness for sensuality.
for the better?
i guess it could have been worse.
to think back to what i used to be.
a user.
a lier.
a fucker.
a bitch.
loud and abrasive.
rude and misunderstood.
cocaine is one hell of a drug.
and now.
with out substance.
i never thought i would.
sometimes i feel like i could just turn around an walk right back into that girl.
turn around and she'd be there just waiting to fuck shit up.
but then, again.
its only a matter of time before.
being out, is being in.