twenty something life crisis.

last night.
for the first time.
i felt old.
set in my ways.
i felt uncomplelled.
these things like nature.
like nothing else to do.
we eat dinner.
and watch tv.
i clear the table.
i smoke.
he waits.
we brush our teeth.
i crawl into bed.
the clock strikes ten.
and i am tired to the bone.
i drink my tea.
he reads his book.
we make small talk about tomorrow
and the weather.
it rains.
i open the window.
we have sex.
we fall asleep.
we wake up.
i shower.
make coffee.
we brush our teeth.
we kiss good bye.
i close the window.
i walk the dogs.
i catch the bus.
i go to work.
i go to school.
i come home.
he makes dinner.
we watch a movie.
we sit closer together.
we hold hands.
i do the dishes.
he lets the dogs out.
we brush our teeth.
he takes a shower.
i make tea.
we go to bed.
we have sex.
we kiss.
he goes to sleep.
i stay awake.
i watch him sleep.
i fall asleep.
i am old.
older than i like to think i am.
i am set in my ways.
i am uncompelled.
i am in love.
this is my life.
this is it.


Brie said...

(i have also thought these things).