baby momma drama

is it me?
am i crazy.
why is the new trend for women between 20-25
to get knocked up and locked up?
im in love,
but love for me doesnt equal
giz inside
new surprise.
is there something in the water.
its like everyone i know.
minus a few.
has given up their free reign to the ball and chain.
and im not saying that this isnt a good idea.
procreate, thats great.
but why so young, and why so fast.
with all the horrible things going on.
why add more carbon footprints?
and i know about the clock.
and how it ticks.
and how it seems that motherhood is the shit.
just think about 15 years from now.
when you kid is smoking weed in your garage.
or the whole " dont tell mom the babysitters dead" thing happens.
and remember there's no taking your kid to mojos.
or baby bike polo.
no kids at the club.
kids = drama.
dont get me wrong.
kids are the shit.
they are small, little people
that you get to mold into whatever you want.
but shit.
they are forever.
no going back.
maybe im selfish.
and chicken shit.
and rude crude and all that inbetween.
my feet wont swell.