that new hottness.

i dont listen to alot of music.
aside from my usual staples.
those who i have held true to since like way back.

but lately.
i have been getting busy the following.
sexy- wet- dont just stand there bust a move- women.

you should too.

please meet:

.The Lovely Kissey Asplund.

shes horridly awkward.
and disgustingly talented.
this woman has stolen my fucking breath.
shes from fucking sweden.
shes got this voice that makes me want to
cry/smile/fuck/jump in the bathtub with a toaster.
and looks tooo much like my mother.
she is awesome.

.THE JimiJames.

the wild card.
this girl is the jimmy jam.
her music is something different and too fresh.
like a pack of Camel Crushes.
shez been blown up spotz all ova for yearz.
and has the most beautiful teeth ive ever seen.
and thats the truth.


so basically.
i want to be her when i grow up.
she is a multifaceted, front and center, creative mastermind.
one of the heartbeats behind
wronglips blog.
which is kinda like my bible.
as well as being a marvelous vocalist.
whose harmonies have been likened to other divadeluxes of our time.
i am obsessed.
she makes me want to leap off the tallest building i can find
in hopes of being reincarnated in her likeness.
simply put.

.J Davey.

get with it.

.Miss Karma Steward.

this women is full of soul and smoothness.
she has a crazy powerful voice and also dabbles in theater and big band music.
not to mention her recent join with PPP
to put out one of the hottest jointz of the 08izzle.
so fucking fly.

get on their level.