Tupac said it best....

"Although it seems heaven sent, we aint ready to have a Black President"

i am so nervous.
ive been chain smoking.
and chain teaing.
for so long now.

my hands shake.
my lips are numb.
pulse rages.
and i worry.

what if?

i cant fathom the thought.
i know i will be severely depressed.
for weeks.
the next four years actually.
like when Princess Diana died.
and me and my mother stayed on the couch for days.

what if?

i couldnt stand the smug looks on the faces.
of my conservative coworkers.
laughing on the inside.
i will quit my job.

i just want it to be over.
i just want change.
i just want to fucking vote.

if he doesnt.
and if he does.

i dont know what im going to do.
im going to.
im going to flip the fuck out.
thats what im going to do.

pray for us all.