its shit like this....

Oregon school says 4 confessed to Obama effigy

NEWBERG, Ore. - A Christian university in Oregon said Tuesday it has punished four students who confessed to hanging a likeness of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama from a tree on campus.Felton said the university's own investigation led to the four students. "To the best of our knowledge these are the only people involved," he said. "We're not pursuing it any further." The commercially produced cardboard cutout of Obama was hung from a tree last week with fishing line around the neck. A message taped to the cutout read, "Act Six reject." That refers to a scholarship and leadership program for minority and low-income student leaders at Christian colleges primarily located in the Northwest.

and this...

Police: Teen killed woman for beer money
16-year-old faces murder charge in slaying of Florida woman

PALM BAY, Fla. - A 16-year-old boy slashed a woman to death and used the $6 he stole from her to buy beer, police allege.The woman was found in her bed with her throat cut and multiple stab wounds in her neck.

A witness told police that because Tanguay is too young to buy alcohol, he asked someone to buy him beer with the money he stole.

oh and dont forget this....

Human remains found in home freezer
Woman arrested, says they're the bodies of her two adopted daughters

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. - A woman told police that the bodies of her two adopted daughters have been in a freezer for at least seven months in her southern Maryland home, and police discovered human remains there encased in ice, officials said Monday.But police said they cannot be sure the remains are of the two girls, ages 9 and 11, until autopsies are performed.

that makes me wonder.
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greatest country on earth my ass.