over it and into myself.

stayed up
way to late
last night.
it was totally worth it.
RED SOX won.
even with out his lucky shirt.

so this morning i woke up.
the usual.
blackberry. uffie. 6:50.
snooze once.
snooze twice.
snooze thrice.
so i called in.
ill be late.
i slept till nine.
it was great.

now here i am.
at le job.
into cyberspace.
nothing to do.
i like to pretend that i am busy.
i shuffle papers around.
walk back and forth from the copier.
stare really hard at my screen.
like im perplexed with something.
other than facebook.
but im not.
i aint doin shit.
i have homework
i could should wont be doing.

last nite was my gays birthday.
acting in the proper asshole fashion that he does.
he calls me 30 minutes into their dinner.
and expects me to join.
me acting in the usual "oh no he didnt" fashion.
kept my black ass at home.
oh well.
maybe im a jerk.
maybe im selfish.
maybe, just maybe im a vindictive bitch.
but atleast im nobody's pawn.
get with it.

as far as this weekend goes.
ive got some things lined up.
im gonna go Rock for Barack.
then maybe go help a friend with a project.
then maybe just maybe.
first friday dance party.
i was inclined to
sit back and not do a damn thing.
toke out.
and watch.
Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day.
maybe catch up on my Entourage.
make some ugly art.
to not hang on my blank walls.
not leave the house.
eat mexican take out.
cry a lil.
you know.
the usual.

sometimes i feel awkward.
sometime i feel stupid and uncool.
sometime i dont mind that at all.
eat that.


Brie said...

Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day kind of made me want to kidnap Amy Adams and keep her forever. ;)

Just saying. She's so fricking cute it's criminal.