weebles wobble but they dont fall down....

so many.
non important things.
have been happening.
my days are flying by.
and my stress level is so high.
im really just laying in wait.
for something else to happen.
ive got this audition for Lyrics Ave coming up.
and although my schedule is hectic enough.
i feel like id welcome this into the storm.

i do feel motivated though.
my through all the optimism.
despite each ounce of excitement.
i am constantly frustrated.
and out of my frustration and boredom.
i have been making some strange life choices.

ive got the alter ego.
who does terrible things.
makes terrible choices.
shes degrading and secretive.
i dont know what is to come of her.
but i hope shes not here to stay.
hopefully i can find away to kill her off.
like they did to Nikkie on Heroes.

i am baffled by the way other people just are.
like people who read Parade on like a Thursday.
we all know it comes in the Sunday paper.
why do you still have it?
and why are you so entranced with.
an article about Christian Slater?

those who actually feel like
John Mccain isnt going to die
in like 10 minutes.
can you not see his leprosy skin?
his little yellow parana teeth.
or the fact that if he .
doesnt blink every 2 seconds.
his heart will explode?
i guess im the only one.

and this one.
the fact that you are miserable in a situation.
yet you stay there.
just to make everyone else hate it too.
and those who think that just because they are pushing 30.
they know everything about anything.
and everyone else is always in the wrong.
or stupid.
or an idiot.

and just because.
i dont think that every person in the world is a rasist.
and i dont live my life in fear of the past.
doesnt mean im in a dream world.
it means that im not a dweller.
im not going to sit back .
and be all hum drum .
about the fact that.
america the beautiful.
has an ugly inside.

instead of running for cover.
im gonna wait out the storm.
because i love this fucking weather.

you are afraid.
you blame the rest of the world.
it only takes one.
Jinga, bitch.

i refuse to believe that when i die.
this world will be the same it was when i left.
you on the other hand.
are gonna lay down and die in the dirt.
and that will be you legacy.
your headstone shall read.
"Here Lies A Man Who Didn't Do Shit"
and we will morn the loss of a friend,
a lover, a negative, and coward.
but not sir.
not a Caviler.
get over your self.
and get under a cause.
and please.

keep your pessimism away from my optimism.

beacuse what you fail to realize is.

knowing how the world works.

its not knowing how to work the world.

you fucking dick.