my big fat lesbian crush.


Rachel Maddow.

now everyone knows.
i love the ladies.
over the years i have fallen.
for a plethora of femme fatales.

from Shannon Sossama.
to Fairuza Balk.
to Stevie Nicks
for christ sake.

I love women.

now dont get me wrong.
i like my men as well.
im an equal opportunity lover.

as for now.
there is one hottie.
that makes me wanna flirt with the skirt.

the lovely Miss Maddow.
she has stolen my glances.

in the midst of all the election hoopla.
and despite my burning admiration.
for the entire MSNBC clan.

i find refuge every evening in the sly smile.
of this educated and opinionated female.
dressed in muted colors and a lil blush.

i dont know if its the.
androgynous nature of her personality.
that whole "Boy's Dont Cry" thing.

her Oxford education.
her advocacy work to prevent the spread of HIV.
or the fact that everytime she speaks.
about politics.
about rights.
about anything.
my heart melts.

and that laugh.

her laugh.
it vibrates all through my soul.
makes me wanna bite the bush.

could it be her love for.
the RED SOX.
Bike riding.
and .
single malt scotch.

what more could i want?

dear god.

this lady makes me moist.
and way gay.

No Rachel, I want You.



Jack Goes Forth said...

you had me at stevie nicks.

.lp. said...

stevie is the jimmy jam brotha.
hellz yes.

Anonymous said...

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