fuck for fucks sake.

i am lame.
and bored as fuck.
hypebeasting on energy drinks mixed with espresso.
bad idea?

and due to this fucking rad awesome halloween costume.
my bank account is terribly low.
which is a god damn shame.
because my old best friend.
who i havent seen in um lets see... 5 years?
is coming for the day saturday.
and i cant be a broke hoe.

and then.
minus the bear is monday.
which means the bf is gonna be frontin me
some cash money.
love that.

ive got so much to do.
and so much to not do.

oh and yesterday.
i got this cryptic message from
she who shall not be named.
maybe it was a mistake.
but still.
shit is spooky these days.

christmas and anniversaries are afoot.

our 2 year is creepin up behind my ass.
and i cant believe.
that ive slept with the same person.
every day.
for 2 years.
which is :

24 months.
104 weeks.
730 days.
17,531 hours.
1,051, 897 minutes.
63,113,851 seconds.

same face.
same lips.
same hands.
same dick.
same love.


but i aint complaining.
its all been worth it.
for the most part.
i think i get it now.
like a fine wine....

i did this pregnancy test chain letter thing yesterday.
told me if i did it id have a great friday.
let see how this shit pans out....