vaginia monolgue.

Sunday morning.
with the recent fall of my computer.
i write this handheld.

my silence disrupted by the early morning pitch
of dogs in heat
and church bells sounding their charm.

this is my life.

last nite
despite my urge
to see and be scene.
i stayed at home.
me and he.
watched and walked in the first snow of the season.
decorated our home with Christmas decorations
that would make even the Gristist of Griswold's cringe.
and had drinks
and sat close
and smoked
and laughed through a Japanese Western.
we kissed each other like it was the first time.
touched each other like we where made of gold.
how fitting.
this is my life.

full of good decisions.
which leads to better sex.
which aids in better sleep.
which makes a happier me.

and I am happy.

I think I have finally found that source of happiness.

and after all these years.
its been in the place I least expected.

Right between my legs.

I realize, that once I first began to realize the power of my vagina
I was to young and to naive to truly harness its power.
but now.
that ive seen my fair share of bed sheets.
showed enough cleavage.
been witty
and clever
and seductive.
it comes easy to me.
I am aware of the strength.
that Ive been blessed to have.

This portal to another dimension.
This underestimated vertical conundrum that can take over the world.
This diamond in the rough.

and to be able to share the magic of me.
to utilize this power daily.
it wonderful.

So I will continue to make good decisions.
That lead to better sex.
That lead to a happier me.

I am not a women.
I am a force of nature.