bah humbug.


i hate christmas.
dont get me wrong.
i actually love christmas.
i love the decorations.
and the music.
and the lights and snow and cold.
i family and friends and drinking and eating.
but i HATE christmas.

especially when you are broke.
and its like im not even that broke.

but there are so many other things
i could be spending my money on.

rather than sweatpants for stepdad.
and blah blah blah for whoever else.


call me selfish.

call me Ebeneezer.

its just that geez, man.
lil sister tighten up.
do you really need the new Beyonce?
cant you just rip it off the net
like the rest of the world?

or damn grandpa.
how many pairs
of slippers can you own?

i mean come on.
and its not like
my family is the kind that
actually cares about getting gifts.

especially from me.
they still consider me one of the kids.

they just want me there.
and happy.
and bringin the silly in full effect.
as i do.

but the man is what im really worried about.
last year i went all out.
new outfits.
surround sound.
every UFC dvd.
bjs out the wahoo.

it was nice.
and it felt good to watch
his cute lil face light up.
and him swimming in DVDs.

but this year.
we said we wouldnt go crazy.
and we wouldnt spend to much.
and of course ive only bought him
like 2 things so far.
well 3.
and Christmas is 9 days away.
and im workin on a crucial budget.

fuck this.

sometimes im a lil psychic.
like right now.
i see myself.
running around on Christmas Eve.
like a bat outta Hades.
trying to scrounge up
something salvageable of a gift.
oh well.
thats love right?

love is giving the gift.
of " nigga, we broke!"

love is paying the light bill.
buying video games.

love is an hj in the car.
instead of new rims.

love is stupid and expensive.
and cheap and dirty.

and thats whats christmas is all about right?
love and sex and making babies.
and egg nog.
and warm fires.
all that shit.
leads up to fucking.
whether we want to admit it or not.

so i.
keeping in the spirit of the season.
am going to pinch the penny.
and be thrifty and wise.
give the gift of sexual favors.
and save a few bucks.

fuck it.


TBK Designs said...

I can so totally relate to this post! Bah humbug back atcha babe!

Meade Skelton said...

What snow? We rarely ever get snow on Christmas in Richmond.

.lp. said...

ah geez.... you know what i mean.

cocaine duh.

actually, the first year i moved here it snowed.

and i havent seen it drop like that since.
but you never know.
this Virginia weathers a fickle bitch.