oh blogger where art thou?

so busy.
all the time.
and yet i feel i get nothing done.
as much as id like to say.
that ive been putting all my work before my sleep.
its a lie.
a dirty lie.
i am obsessed with my rest.
and will always put my beauty.
before my brains.

with school coming to close.
i feel like i will have some time to breathe.
not having to think about
tests and quizzes and papers and finals and grades and the future.

ive have begun quite a few projects.
that i hope will shine some light into my life.
i have recently begun crocheting.
azalea sat me down.
and told me it was time i became a real woman.
and so i grab my needle.
and never looked back.
im working on a scarf now.
but i hope soon to move on to other grand adventures.
like seat covers.
and potholders.
and blankets.
oh my.

in other news.
im planning a Seed Bomb workshop.
which has been something tingling in the back of my brain for months.
so i finally decided to just do it.
it should be rather interesting.
nothing fancy.
just people.
and fun.
so stoked.

right now im working on getting a guest speaker from the DEQ to come in.
hopefully that pans out well.

im actually going to go work on that now.....

wish me luck!