devil stay away from me.

who are you.
where did you come from.
why now.
why here.
why this.
and me.

you make me change.
my thought patterns.
i think of you.
in others situations.

i wonder how your hands feel.
i think about how you smell.
and what you'd say.
responses to my sentences.
glances in my direction.

and i know.
how wrong.
and i fight.
my dreams.
i dread my slept.
because i know.
youll be there.

under my skin.
luring me in.
i want press my body.
against your chest.
i want to hold your hands.
under the sheets.
i want to smell you on my breath.
and taste you on my skin.

there are times.
where i wonder.
where would i be.
what would i do.
with you.

all these.
and i wonder.
what is it worth.

i question it all.
you make me question myself.
and my choices.
my path.

and still.

i want to cut and run.
start brand new.
fuck and forget.
leave the us.
and the we.
and he.
leave everything.
and let you take me everywhere.
i want to scream your name.
at the top of my lungs.
shout you down my throat.
i want to lay with you.
and do absolutely nothing but be.
i want to love you till.
the bottom of my heart.

where were you?
when i was alone.
and searching.
and wanting.
and waiting.

where were you?
when i was in all the wrong places.
sleeping with stranger.
all the wrong faces.

i was waiting for this.
settling for that.
and now.

that things are different.
you show yourself.
for you.
id slow my phrases.
kill the beat.
hit the lights.

i want you.
i want you.
to stay away.
as far as you can.
for this time.
i feel unable.
to control.
unwilling to.

once again i am here.
two roads.
diverged in a yellow wood.

i want the one i shouldn't.

for the sake of me.
for the sake of this.
stay away.