your killin me smalls.

i am murderously bored.
i did nothing.
at all.
i sat at my desk.
played on the internet.
cried a lil.
you know.
the usu.
if the internet is such a vast.
source of information.
why do i spend so much time .
on facebook?

so the birthday.
after months of keeping my fingers crossed.
and holding my breathe.
its finally here.

and i am freaking out.
all these thing are falling together.
and falling apart.
and i just want to have a good time.
i just want to put my freakum dress on.
and shake my ass.

that is all.

after friday nite i think ill be able to breathe a lil better.
i just want this sex toy party to go over well.
im shakin in my boots.

as far as saturday goes.
after all the hustle and bussle.
the mess and b.s.
im determined to have a good time.
im going to drink.
and laugh.
and smile.
and be with friends.
and enjoy myself.
im hoping for the best.

posi vibes.

and sunday.
the offical birthday.
will be spent at home.
with the boy.
and the dogs.
and the redskins.
and cake .
and presents.
and a hangover.
i cant wait.

i am turning 22.
my boobs are high.
my ass it tight.
my hair looks faaaaaaabulous.


Brie said...

haha--nice sanlot reference. ;)

the camel is a fun venue to dress up and let loose--have a great time. :)


.lp. said...

you should be there!