whats with today, today.

is our 2 year anniversary.
and as much as id like to believe.
that we are one of those couples.
who go out to fancy dinners.
and by cards.
and flowers and shit.
after two years i have come to the realization.
and satisfaction.
that we arent.
we dont try to hard.
we dont make mountains out of molehills.
we fuck and make up.
we watch movies.
and eat food.
we hate thing.
we go places.
we just love each other.
we are best friends.
and hes the best.
two years long.
two years strong.

i cant wait to go home.
well im kinda torn between.
staying in my house.
cooking my own dinner.
and going home and relishing in the warmth.
and kindness of my family.
im takin the dogs home with me.
which is a holy monumental feat for the boy.
i cant believe hes gonna let me take the babies away.
i on the other hand.
am frickin stoked.
i know that they will love the cold Lynchburg air.
and all the free space to run and play a poop.
i can smell it now.

i think i need to go home.
clear my head.
hang out.
chill in.

i was going through some old myspace.
messages the other day.
like way back.
like 2004.
before i moved to the city.
and before i knew how to conduct
myself like a real lady.
i realized how stupid.
and naive.
and redundant i was.
i tried to hard.
and it showed.
oh well.

now im older.
and wiser.
and flyer.
than ever before.
and ive got great feelings about
LP 2009.
i think its going to wonderful.

im still excited.