make like nike, and just do it.

so here it is.

besides the fact that i woke up today.
too early
with vaginal cramps.
a hangover.
and what im sure is the flu.
or mono.
or both.

i didnt feel a thing.

not older.
certainly not wiser.

my birthday was lovely.
i saw smiles everywhere.
my girls were great.
my boys were even better.
now if only i remembered it all.

so what do i do at 22?
what do i do now.
do i make it happen?
do i take a wrong turn?
do i sit back and wait for this to pass?

this life of mine is hilarious.
its full of awkward events.
and bad decisions.
and funny saying.
and silly faces.

my life is over flowing with.
drunken adjectives.
avoided topics.
underestimated advances.
warm hands.
cold feet.

this life of mine.
cant wait to begin.
it cant wait to grow legs and walk away.
it want to shake hands.
and kiss babies.
the life wants to phone it in.
and turn it out.

this life is going to change the game.
flip the switch.
make niggaz look twice.
grab they ice.

this life of mine can hardly wait to.
kiss on the mouth.
to hit it home
the life cant wait to change.
to stay the same.
cant wait for you or him or me.

this life is independently owned.
this life is sweatshop free.
this life is alive.

lets begin.


Brie said...

i know this makes me like, 5 years old, but i can't believe you said "vaginal." :P

aside from that? 22 is a great age--live. it. up. :)