im ready.
i dont think anyone understands.
how this feels.

this is different.
this is powerful.
to try and dismiss this a just a chance.
a flash in the pan.
to try to shade this.
this is real life.
this is everything i have based my hopes and dreams upon.
its not just about race.
its about change.
its about hope.
and wishing.
last night i closed my eyes so tight and held my breath like a child.
i was overwhelmed with emotion.
and soaked to the bone with tears.
this is it.

for all the times in my life.
i have never been more proud to be where i am.
in this commonwealth that can come together over a common good.
to move these black and white mountains.
and clear space for hope.

this is a defining moment of our generation.
this is where we begin.
this is the first day.
of the rest of our lives.

this is it.