this is me.

not stoked for school.
im kinda nervous.
my life is science.
but im a man of faith.
so we shall see.

the boy is going back to school.
he's 28 and its about time.
im proud of him.
this is a big month for us.
his new job.
the prospects of my new job.
new year.

more bullshit.
to sift through.
more time apart.
more cigarettes.

im just ready.
im just ready to not have to do anything.
to get to the end of this rope.
to realize that this is it.

ive got time.
so much time.
left to waste.
and this clock.
is burning a whole in my pocket.

im taking an online course.
which is kinda tight.
i guess.
it gives me a reason.
to be on the internet.

is it 5?
is it 8:40?

long days here we go.

is it saturday yet?


KT said...

you are kinda amazing

Brie said...

i know, dude.

science, hm? that's actually pretty awesome. :) have you read einstein's dreams? if not, do so immediately. :)