Farewell Relish......

i usually dont get involved in all this
economic bruhaha.
but this has really struck a cord.

loving dubbed a " zen cafeteria"
a quaint lunch spot.
hidden in the trenches of Shockhoe Slip.
this restaurant.
offering Richmond.
a delectable international hot bar.
a neverending salad choices.
and homemade desserts.
in a fresh.
and classy atmosphere.

has closed its doors.
after only about 2 years of operation.

it was opened and owned by.
Micheal King.

the man behind.
Grace Place.
which opened in 1973.
and until its untimely VCU induced death
served the city of Richmond
with amazing international vegetarian cuisine.

not being from Richmond,
and being fairly young.
never got the chance to enjoy
that place.
on Grace.
but i do recall the dilapidated building beside (the old) Exile.
and i do recall watching it being tore down.
to encompass new dorms.

and then.
Michel King went onto run the deli.
at everyone favorite natural food market.
Ellwood Thompsons.
bringing his organic brains and brawn.
to their kitchen.

and now.
in the 2009.
Micheal King has shut the doors.
to another fine dining experience.

i dont know why this upset me so much.
it could be because i loved the food.
or it could be because my boyfriend was the head chef.
or it could be.
the fact that
i cant stand watching all these wonderful.
necessary ideas fall to the wayside.

this fucking city man.
and im not blaming it on you guys.
i mean hell.
there are plenty of reasons restaurants fail.
Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare has proven that.
its location.
its hours.
its staff.
its bad money management.
its a plethora of issues.
unseen to the dining eye.

but still.

its a shame.
and a pity.
to watch great ideas.
go to the grave.
far before their time.




Brie said...

that seriously bums me out, dude. relish's indian food thursdays were awesome.


Miles said...

M. King is a God. I seriously hope he rises again somewhere where he is untouchable.

Meghan said...

I am so sad to hear this. Relish was my favorite lunch spot in Richmond. Does anyone know what happened?

Zut Alors said...

the only thing i would say is to stress the importance of seed awareness and make sure you don't introduce invasive plants. native plants are best. other than that, i know you'll do great


Anonymous said...

May wanna do some food cost analysis. High overheads are tough to keep up with. Relish was good man. Sorry to see it go. Especially when such crap still exists.

ellie said...

I'm sad. Relish was such a cool place and Michael's fresh, delicious food was refreshing to find in downtown Richmond. I lunched there a lot during my catering days, and when I decided to open a cafe (savor), Relish was one of the standard bearers of comparison. As a small restaurant chef owner, I can say that it has been really tough months. Continue supporting your local businesses when you can, folks!

Libby said...

I never ate at Relish, but remember Grace Place so well. Really really miss it...their food was *so* good.

Mary Fender said...

The presence of Michael and Relish was a hugh part of my reasoning to located my biz there.
Michael was very supportive of our area/new business and had great hopes for our block.

He and his awesome food will be missed on S. 15th st.
rock on Michael