live together, die alone.

five hours away from nothing.
and this is all i have left.
this island of temptation.
leading down a road of.
perpetual death.
to sail upon its oceans.
to bask in its descending gaze.
to be one with the seasons.
to change as quick as these fleeting days.

we are alone.
in our delusions.
we are silent.
with our dreams.
all of us.
subject to change.
we cross this line.
without malice.
born to this world.
in shocked and amaze.
always pushing.
hoping away.
underneath the button.
we stand and we pray.

for what.

it seems honest.
it seems worthy.
and true.
we give ourselves up.
to something taunting.
and new.

we wait.

and we wonder.
we make plans.
and we go.
we settle.
for something.
yet always yearning for more.

here stuck.
in this snow globe.
there is no way out.
this is it.
on this island.
lost our direction.
and without.