ive been crying.
on and off for days.
months in fact.
im sure those tears.
had been there for years.

id felt them before.
trying to get out.
wanting to breathe.
begging for a way out.

and then.

sometime around.
november 4th.
i let them go.
and ever since.
ive been finding them.
slowly creeping down.
splashing on my chest.
some just simply fall away unnoticed.
these tears that run like rain.
and honestly.
and hope.

assured am i.
that i am not the only one.
who shares in this feeling.
this release.
this completion.
this force.
that can only be described as.

its like an overwhelming sense.
of living.
i am aware.
i am absolutely coherent.
of my surrounding.
and they are changing.

this is magical.
this is completely magical.
and its widespread.
its everywhere.
its across the street.
its behind your desk.
its under your sheets.
its change.

i have been staring at this.

all day.
this brought the tears.
this brought out the passion.
these people.
with their stories.
and their lives.
these people.
who i will never meet.
never hold close.
their tears i cant touch.
but i feel them.

just staring at this photo.
i can feel them.
i know exactly.
what they are thinking.

its amazing.
how so far away.
so different.
so strange.

all this change.
doesnt change.
with the time zone.

all this hope.
it still floats.

they feel it all.

it baffles me.
how deep your heart can go.
how much you can fill it with.
all these things i tuck away.
under vessels and veins.
pausing in between beats.
to change.

i want so badly to rip my skin off.
and give it away to the cause.

i want to open my chest.
and show the world.
that i am red, and soft and alive.
i want to hold hands over mountains.
and kiss underwater.

i cannot contain this love.
this emotions.
it spills out of me.
out of my mouth.
my face.
over my open hands.
on to the floor.
and out into this world.

i want to breathe life and mystery.
where before.
there was only science.
and fears.

i want to show them all.

this is it.
all of this has lead to here.
to him.

the world as we know it has changed.

and since then.
i have been crying.
on and off for days.
and im sure those tears.
had been there for years.

but today.
i share them with the world.

my heart is full.

thank you