look whose talkin too.

all this rain leaves nothing else to do.
gotta start static.
where static is due.

something for nothing.
only leads to tricks for free.
and the way that i see things lately.
there's nothing wrong with that to me.

under all these equations.
after downing solutions
and judging figures.
were all simple factors.
to the illusion.
a parabola of lies.
giving me the bends.

they think they know.
but they have no idea.
every fiber of being was created to ruin
the best of the best.
its the nature of my beast.

carve them up.
swallow them whole.
leave their families nothing to console.

and its the worst of the worst.
that usually tends.
to gravitate.
to me.
and i to them.
creating nonsense.
and tension.
and whispers.
like wind.

so turn on the weather.
and whether the storm.
is comin or goin.
i'll be dead first in line.

killing time.
and crushing dreams.

filling this city with gossip.
till it burst at the seams.

and there begging.
and needy.
for something to hate.
or someone to love.
a way to relate.
or to disassociate.

stray from the norm.
is the popular vote.
and being original.
has become cut throat.

you've gotta hold on to your genre.
and let go of your truth.

tell them whats happening next.
sneak preview.
take two.

feed the rich.
rob the poor.
be predictable and lazy.
and they'll bang down your front door.

swear on your mother.
then kiss her on the mouth.

give em all nothing to talk about.
and its you.
they'll think about.