everything eventual.

you've got some nerve.
i never knew.

these words seem all too real.
all too soon.

all this reality.
infiltrating the inevitable.

out of time.
out of all the things i thought.
this has been the constant.

after all the confusion.
and congestion.
Confucius says,
its over.
and I do too.

and it is.
and this is new.
and all this old news.
lines heads on the floor.

all those friends we thought we had.
we dont know anymore.

and its for the better.
this is for the best.

for so long i feared what would happen
and then if became
and is
is now.
and now is here.
and this is now.

and wow.

its amazing.
and tricky.
and necessary.

were growing up by the hour.
and changing with ever turn.
thought we were teaching.
but we were unwilling to learn.

im ready.
and able.
and willing.
and unstable.

all this angst.
and animosity.
as turned it to fuel.
and prosperity.

suited up.
and dressed to kill.
im taking full advantage.

and i hope that you will.