along for the ride.

seats warm.
i sit beside myself.
waiting for my turn to go.

patient as things change.

this passion red.
my envy green.
our common ground, yellow.

we ride.
and i watch you.
focused on the future.
gaze dead ahead.
i look for some signal in your eyes.
for your mood to shift.
for something ive said to automatically stick.

all air.
flowing in.
between us.
these four doors leave us nothing to console.
so we let the radio do our dirty work.
and tune out the sounds of our hearts.
beating through the dash.

this man.
made in america.
a well oiled machine.
lead foot.
heavy brow.
strong chin.
always to the left of me.

he's stalling for something.
he's idle
not confused.
and me.
neutral with my emotions.
leave no other roads to choose.

mile after mile.
we travel.
treads wearing thin.
neither knowing where this journey started.
or for that matter.
where it will end.

but im in.
and we ride.
smooth and quiet.
his hands control the cruise.
rearview is 20/20.
and ive got nothing else to lose.