LOST, the incubus.

Damon Lindelof.
the raper.
the mind fucker.

there should be a law.
against cerebellum sodomy.
i feel like.

there was this guy.
and ive known him for a long time.
we were bffs.
like, superbad.
i love you man.
no homo.

and then.
one day.
we ate some salvia.
and he flipped out.
and started speaking in tounges.
and spittin out pea soup.
and came back to the island.
and shot ben.
and then didnt let the fucker die.
and then fucked everthing up.


why let it play out.
why be so "reality time travel tv"
just go ahead.
kill ben.
fuck it all up.
make us think.
drag it on for 2 more seasons.

but no.
now we must sit here.
and watch it all.
ben becomes an other.
the purge.
peace out darma.
the others.
fight with widmore.

but who is ELLIOT??

i think elliot is locke.
i just dont understand.

all this exposition.
do we really need it?

we all know the story.
and unless your gonna pull the rug.
we dont need to walk on it.

and i certainly wont take off my shoes.

stop fucking around.
Damon, and cum already.