blind, deaf and brilliant.

the sound on my computer is broken.
i never realized how much i like to listen.
until you cant hear.
and then i wonder how it is.
that deaf people.
move through the world.
devoid of ever hearing anything.
never being able to sense sounds.
simply silence.

and then i think.
how i would be different.
if i had never heard some of the things said.
how my life would have changed.
if i had no idea.
what those word really meant.
and how they really feel.

so many things i take for granted.
so many privileges misused.
to think.

of the way i use my tongue.
and those who cannot speak.
the wasted words.
defective language.
that gets me through the week.

out there.
there are people.
with important things to say.
with magic underneath their palettes.
with power to bring emotions to sway.

and here i sit.
a babbling brook.
spitting venom on the shores.
doing nothing positive with this voice.
accept attempting to stifle yours.

and those who eyes can never see.
and all there terror behind mine.
and the beauty some will never know.
for granted, I take mine.

if possible.
id give it all.
give it up.
to sacrifice.
offer these vocals rooted in lungs.
to someone worthy of the life.

but i cant.
and so i must.
make the best of what i have.
i must listen as if i can never hear.
i must speak as if its my last breath.
i must see everything for what its worth.
and live with no regret.