speed and kentucky ham.

spring is here.

and despite.
me spitting venom.
the days have been warm.
and optimistic.

ongoing in my quest to avoid.
choices and decisions.
i have been living my life.
optimizing the daylight.

i wake up early in the morning.
and fall asleep just the same.

time is of the unnecessary.
i see it all around others.
all these people.
with their times.

not i.

i have taken on a part time job.

i feel like for too long.
i have let my lust for the material.
determine my interior motives.

i have let my want and wonder.
fall askew.

give me give me.
shine shine.
like me like me.
mine mine.

all bullshit.

if i cant fuck it.
i cant afford it.

so fuck it.

focus i will.
on my science.
and my art.
and the weather.

surprised i am.
that the boy.
would agree.
to such and arrangement.

for me.
to be so free.

bon voyage.
speed and kentucky ham.

as if he had any other choice.

this life is mine.
and cultivate, i must.

with all this time.
i must not be idol.
i must not sit and wait.

my mind wandering only to wonder.

skin crawling only to taste.

i am excited.

my limbs feel heavy with potential.
i can feel bonds bending and breaking in my brain.

with this equinox.
i am growing.
coming alive.

all protons.
and neutrons.
and electric.