beware the ides of march.

tricky little devils.
lurking in the dark.
shadows of something.
a number.
a day.

someones born.
someone dies.
its consistency.

my numbers.
have been dwindling.
as it seems.
so have my days.

ive been spending.
so much time alone.
ive got a selfish routine.
i know it cant last forever.
but i am obsessed.
with this vacancy.
ive been in lately.

ive been moving through spaces.
going through the notions.
forcing myself to react.

in this period.
ive taken up a hobby.
been playing with fire.
peoples emotions.
pushing things towards the edge.

placing it on the tip of my tongue.
and seeing how long it takes to burn.

these people.
that i deal into my games.
all holding their cards.
but im bottom dealing from the deck.

im a hand mucker.
im a home wrecker.
im a shape shifter.
a wildfire.

ive got such bad intentions.
for all of this.
for me.
for them.

i want nothing more.
than to consume.
all i can.

to absorb.
what is left.

i am remorseful.
for my actions.
for my pleasure.
for my disdain.

i am a force of nature.
and the only thing im sure of.
is that its gonna rain.
its gonna rain.

and it never ends.