modus operandi.

"Ive been a bad bad girl,
Ive been careless with a delicate man.
And its a sad sad world,
When a girl can break a boy
Just because she can."

a criminal one might say.

my weapons are my words.
and my hips.
my curves.

strangling him with tension.
forced entry into his heart.
raped and left his life.
for dead.


over the years.
ive been called many names.

a lady.
a tramp.
kind hearted.

a good time.
but a good time yet had by all.

and i take these.
i place them in places.
i wear them as faces.

facades that mirage.
the culprit under neath.

the girl in the iron mask.
bottle clasp in her hand.
grin and bear.
and its bare and grim.

last night.
i attempted murder.

i tried as hard as i could.
to kill this.

knife to throat.
gun to head.
bella donna in the glass.

i wanted so badly.
to kiss him for the last time.
lay him and this and them.
to rest.

my hand was steady.
but my heart was shaking.
my sweat was warm.
but my feet were ice cold.

so instead.
of bloodshed.

i laid there awake.
beside what i was supposed to be.
my victim.

i touched his skin.
still warm.
blood still pulsing.
his lips still red with life.

i laid there.
all motives.
interior and ulterior.

i whispered.

"i am sorry.
i love you.
and i will love you.
to death.

i will love you till.
the end of the earth.
and the stars.
and the moon.
is all we have left.

ill love you despite.
all the strife and the stress.
i will love you in this life.
and into the next.

i will love you.
with blood on my hands.
and a knife through your chest.
i will love you.
behind bars.
under arrest.

i am a criminal.
and you.
are my crime.

i will love this.
i will end this.
all in due time.

good night."