sixth sense.

this weather.
it makes me want to fuck.
and clean.
i feel like i should constantly.
be changing clothes.
or sipping out a straw.

this weather makes me want to flee.
ditch this 9 to 5.
and get my feet dirty.

this weather makes me want to open.
the windows.
the doors.
a good book.
my legs.
a glass of wine.

this weather is a tease.
shes showing a lil skin now.
all eyeballs and elbows.
but next thing you know.
she'll be wrapped up again.
head to toe.

this climate is clever.

its making me test myself.
how long can i sit at the desk.
how many times can i take out the mail.
walk to the bank.
stretch my legs.

days like today.
make me fidgety in my skin.
and impulsive.
my blood warming with the globe.

this weather.
is unfair.

mother nature.
a fickle bitch.

i bet tomorrow it'll snow.


Brie said...

you took the words right out of my mouth, lady. :)

spring is coming, no worries. :)