ive got some thing to tell you
ive got some words to say
and it seems like i havent been able to express them
atleast until today.
to a variety of people.
all the same.
those who possibly have known me in other lives.
called me by different names.
i dont think i spoken clearly
or maybe you didnt hear.
ive been growing up and changing
the things you say
go ear to ear.
i dont mean to be rude.
or seem like i dont care
but you arent the same as yesterday
and for that reason
i steer clear.
of those who dont respect me
and those who dont understand
those who feed the needy
and those who are just looking for a hand
or a man.
im not the kind to stutter.
so i
shut her in.
tune them out.
but it seems like theres too much to say.
im trying to formulate my words.
to bring emotions to sway.
ive never felt so underrated.
never been so ill prepared
never thought i wasnt worthy
i just dont care.
i want to go to africa
i want to pull out my hair.
i want to lay with strangers
speaking tongues and singing swears.
i want to be everywhere.
all at once.
but with him

i realize what i have.
in front of my face.
despite my poison tongue.
the venom and the bite.
are worst that the bark begun.
of course
my mind thinks it fun
and fundamental
my mind thinks it right.
to bring along with you
the pain.
to underestimate the strife.

and you think your life is perfect.
yet when you reach to hit the light.
its only your hand on the trigger.
your alone.
under the knife.
and although im trying not to judge.
for some reason
i think it serves you right
dont take for granted what you have
because you never know
who wants what youve got
or who needs what you dont
or who isnt who they are.
or who dont when you do.
the list goes on.

i think its easy to just forget
drop it in the bottom of a bottle
throw u it in the drink
and let it swallow it away
even thought at the end
your mind is filled with waves.
of things you wanted to say.
"i wish you would have let me"
"i guess i should have stayed"
"play that song one more time"
"you never knew me anyway"
we live and learn
and pass the buck.
pretend we dont give a fuck.
they do. i do
its you i see right through.
it me who cant concede.
its me who wont deny.
im glad i got this off.
it feels better to just let it go.
im working on forget and forlorn.
im speaking out of context
dead dialects.

keep all options open.
flags pointed east and west.
follow where winds and opinions sway.
keep you hands clean.
eyes wide.
ears open.
because ive got some things to say.