so i started my period.
and im a raging bitchwhoremonsterkillercunt.
and all i want to do.
is tell the world to eat a dick
screw your agenda
take off this stupid monkey suit
put my feet on my desk
and spark a joe camel wide.
suck it down like a slurpee
oh a hot day in july.
i want to eat my turkey sandwich thats been in the fridge for 2 days.
i want to eat doritos.
i want to say fuck my second job and go home
and cuddle with people and animals.
and not have to smile.
and have him tell me
im cute when i pout.
and im hott when i bleed.
and im not when i smoke anything but trees.
i want to kick everything i see.
id probally punch you in the face.
i want to run to the top of the stupid capital buliding
straight into the office of tim cunt kaine disgrace.
and pull my bloody tampon out and shove it inbetween his huge eyebrows
on his stupid face
i want to almost forgive phillip morris for all the pollutions and shit they are shoving into my water
and walk across the street and buy a carton of reds and smoke them one by one until some one calls the fire department
for a five alarm on the corner of main and 12th.
lil black girl clouded like linus with smoke
and id just light up another and toke.
ill smoke until my hair is gray.
my teeth are dull
and my face is red.
ill smoke smoke smoke till im dead!
this is only day 2.
tommorow ill chew gum.