.black being.

the majority
have no idea
what it means to be black
to be black and a woman.
to be black from a background shaded with sin.
the lines colored outwards and within.
the child of a junkie
with the heart of a saint.
born to a world
of graduate and negate.
to learn from the tv to love and to hate
to resent whats on the outside
then learn to appreciate.
have no idea.
to be in between the cracks
a house

loved but abused
to be as a child
bent and used
to long for attention
for any sane means
to be that one person
to all thats seen.
ive tried to suppress it
to be what you want
but my life is no longer in that perfect font
the realizum of the world has stricken me hold
and im now made to stand up and face the white world
and say
i am
and i am proud
and i am scared
but i wont break down
im tried
being mis read

threw down and washed up
i wont be used.
it time for us.
together stand.
for all of those
who feel bruised.
this time.
or stereotyped or recreated
done and faded
be you be you be you be you be you be you