hey thanks bob dylan.

spring forward.
fall back.

not only are the day longer.
but i am too.

growing so much.
upwards and downwards.
inwards and outwards.

three years into my second decade
and it seems that all ive learned
is that you never

life is ever changing.
shaping us.

we are the variables.
and our destinies we can change.
and yet we are taught these lessons.
but the results are all the same.

with out passion.
there is no pleasure.
where there is no struggle.
there is no gain.

one would think we'd be born with this instinct.
and avoid ourselves the pain.
and yet it seems we constantly eat the apple.
choking it down to the core.

johnny appleseed.
always wanting more.


i forget im an adult.
with all my childish antics.
and jovial choices.
and that whole blatant disregard for the future bit.

all of this combined.
takes me back to a better time.
of mixtapes.
and car rides.
windows down.
music loud.

early mornings.
bleeding into late nights.

why cant this be life?
why cant all the gold stay?
why cant we capture yesterdays memories

its the fear of aging.
its the threat of falling
subject to our own kind.

this skin im in is temporary.
so im gonna wear it to the bone.
then leave it behind.

ive been lingering.
between dowtown.
and uptown.

in and out of corridors.
finding loopholes.
in social circles.
dusting cobwebs
in eagles nest.

new years.
bring new intentions.
be them bad.
be them good.
all of us trying to hold our composure.
try not to be lude.

well fuck it,

anything i set to reslove.
might as well have dissolved
a little after midnight.
snap, crackle, pop.

but i still felt alright.

all that was then.
this is twenty ten.
things are different these days.

so watch clocks.
cause times
they are a changing.