funny feelings

i dont think i really have a good grip on reality.
im realistic.
but then again there are things about this city.
that seem so completely unreal.
im slowly coming to terms with the fact that this is the way its mean to be.
and ive got this funny feeling that nothing is ever gonna change.
stupid little things people do.
people say.
the way they sound across a crowded room.
the records they choose to play.
i try thinking back to the days where there was nothing to do but yell.
and scream at everyone and everything.
throat and heart raw.
ive arrived to the point where my nightlife is not quite.
and my daylight is spent indoors.
my angst against those who choose the street grows.
its just that every ones trying to be.
they all want in.
one on top of the other.
wall to wall.
plastic glasses on top of two wheels.
you've all got options, opinions, contradictions galore.
you'd give up everything you believe in.
for a space on the dance floor.
two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
and im sorry but.
ive got a funny feeling about them both.