i work to much.
far too much.
i dont remember what my couch feels like at 3pm.
i have no idea how the beautiful the sunset out my bedroom window on a tuesday.
i work far far too much.
for what i believe.
is what ive concieved.
im doing it for the cause.
but its because of the cause.
that i feel so lost.
so wasted.
so left behind.

ive lost myself along with my mind.
even more that i had before.
and all i can think about is the after.
and what i was doing before.

if it wasnt for the dream.
if the fact wasnt c.r.e.a.m
then i kiss is all goodbye
but here in the city.
here in this town.
its fed or get eatin.
ballin vs. broke.
stupid couture.
idiot savont.

i just want to be happy.
and home before 5.
i want to be able to clock in and out on the same day.
i miss recess i want to go play.
there has to be a solution.
i have to find my niche.
in this natural habitat ive grown so jaded with.
im an endangered species.
the last of my kind.
save me.