just another manic Richmonday.

i woke up a 6 am screaming at him about nothing
he went to sleep on the couch
and i did i did a sink load of dishes.
fell back asleep.

fucking aunt flow.
shes evil.
and she makes me say the most hateful things.
five minutes later.
the world is so beautiful it brings me to tears.

i have a giant bruise on my enter thigh.
from a viscous bicycle debockle
involving me.
the deli.
and J├Ągermeister
and of course.
i lost my keys.

its 1000 degrees in this city.
my henna is fading.
my vinyl is melting.
and i almost positive i saw Arthur Ashe wiping his brow.

my house is infested with mosquitoes.
and im wearing OFF indoors.
which is miserable.
i smell like summer camp.
and im scratching like a meth head.
im positive i have west nile.

and apparently we are having tilapia for dinner.
im not that hungry.
but im a glutton for punishment.
so ill eat that fish.
and my feet will swell.
and ill just go on
swatting and sweating.


Fawn said...

Great imagery- you paint a frustrated hot pic. Great job.