god protects babies and fools.

sometimes this wine taste better
when im angry.
with reason.
out of spite.

after chewing.
and nawing at you.
it compliments.

i dont understand the catch.
even at the age of 22.
i seem valid in my convictions.
you flying off.
cant handle anything.

and what?

am i to honest.
my words bitter in your ear.
does it sit.
linger in the air.
the things you most fear.

is that my fault.
blunt objects of affection.
to the best of my recollection.
you dont listen.
you could give a shit what i had to say.

or said.
in one.
out the other.

you sit there somber.
contemplating something
you havent the gull to do.

and instead of hatred.
and venom.
all that falls out my mouth.
is pity.